17 Feb 2012


coming up for air
the ghosts living in my mind
i shallow breathe them

memories exhaled
mere remnants of what once was
just an illusion

i'm not who you knew
you would not recognize me
hidden in shadows

Text © by Karen @ Something Written

Haiku in triptych form, a continuation of thought in three stanzas.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. Wonderful set of haiku. Loved reading them.


  2. Something 'fairytalish' yet dark and mystical in your haikus today... love it!

  3. Lovely haiku ~ wonderful words ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I like that shallow breathing verse...nice set ~

    Happy weekend ~

  5. Lovely. We are of one mind. I told a story in three Haiku and you have given me its form name. Thank you.

  6. Each one of these "stanzas" can stand alone, and I am drawn especially to the last one. I have a feeling that most of us are hidden in shadows, even if we are not aware of our hiddenness.

    A Famine of Ink

  7. There are so many great images. Shallow breathing of ghosts, memories exhaled, hidden in shadows, etc. You have found your unique voice.

  8. yes, memories are an illusion of what we once were, since they are selective

    five illusions senryu

  9. What a beautiful thought behind each of your set. And so true. I will have to reread this often since I can relate to it, especially to the 'memories exhaled' verse. I will definitely be back to visit often. Thank you for the lovely words.

  10. Oh so beautifully done...
    I would have written that myself
    if I could have found the words.

  11. "I'm not who you knew
    you would not recognize me
    hidden in shadows"

    These lines were my favorite, for I can find myself often "hidden in the shadows."

    You write beautiful Haiku. It's so nice to find someone who likes to write poetic thoughts. :)


  12. I simply Love the Lat haiku. You have interpreted 'illusion' so beautifully. its great to be here on your blog! thanks :)

  13. My sweet woman, you are exactly the same person I knew. It's time to step out from the shadows, and shine again.

  14. breath in the present, exhale those bad memories, evolve into the future and find peace...

  15. This one speaks on so many levels to me! Food for thought

  16. last line -hidden in shadows - perfect end.

  17. Each haiku is like a layer, a tier, a stepping away from the previous level of reality! fascinating!

  18. The last Haiku is the tell. Nicely done.

  19. So deep and so well written, you amaze me.

  20. "I shallow breathe them"...
    As a practicing yogi, I am deeply in tune with the breath. This single line speaks volumes when one understands the importance of the breath. Magical!

  21. Hello.
    Nice set of Haiku. I seem to find more & more people writing them or attempting to do so.
    Thanks for sharing.

    A Cheerful Glance


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