29 Mar 2013

A Hint Of Something

drifting within clouds
thoughts of all that could have been
shadows offer peace
photo and text © by Karen
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  1. And how I would love to drift with the clouds. Another wonderful haiku - you do them so well. Thank you.

  2. Meaning in this haiku is profoundy layered. In a Zen koan kind of way, I am left pondering. Well done. And, perhaps belated, Happy Birthday!

  3. For our 30th wedding anniversary, my wife got me a couple of sessions in a Glider!!! That is truly "drifting within clouds" - it was amazing. Seldom does one come into contact with their surroundings as one will in a glider - the sights and sounds and feelings are one - unifying - you are truly one with what God made.

    Thank you for stimulating that memory - and thank you for bringing it to Haiku Friday.

  4. And a lovely peaceful haiku, too.

  5. Shadows are there because the sun is shining! Such a beautiful, inspiring haiku!

  6. what if every ones "thoughts of all that could have been"
    dwell within the clouds above.
    for this your haiku of little words speaks profoundly from the hearts of all time.

  7. drifting with clouds...delightful and hope you have warm memories ~ ^_^

  8. I love the peace in your haiku and the beauty of the photo!


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