27 Jul 2012


reflections sparkle
sunlit water shimmering
flicker on my soul

photo and text by Karen
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19 Jul 2012


sunburnt desert sand
clouds suspended in the blue
no footprints outback

photo and text by Karen
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outback-  a sparsely inhabited or wilderness region of a country, especially of Australia

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12 Jul 2012


glimmering sunlight
floats softly upon water
reflections of bliss

photo and text © by Karen
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5 Jul 2012


night beckons softly
murmurs in the moonlight
promises of love

photo and text by Karen

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1 Jul 2012

The Mag -124

I’ve set down anchor
in the sea I find myself in.
Not the one,
I would have sailed
by choice.

It’s the wind
that blew me here.
My course altered
from navigation
carefully plotted.

Tossed into the deep
I am surfacing,
to merely float in place.

White flag surrender.

~ Karen

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The Mag 124
A weekly challenge at Magpie Tales, The Mag
Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured as your inspiration.

The Poetry Panty @ Poets United
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