5 Jan 2013

Tea and Memories

a strong cup of tea
sipped in silent memory
of days filled with joy

photo and text © by Karen

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4 Jan 2013


Painting by "Beep" my granddaughter.
a tiny hand
slips quickly into mine
a gentle squeeze felt,
as she looks up at me
eyes wide, full of concern
her grasp speaks for itself
small yet mighty
she steadies my faltering gait
with her love

photo and text © by Karen

written for...
A little background for this post...
This disease often makes it difficult for me to walk, or even stand without faltering. 
Sometimes, I fall down. Over the past week, my symptoms have become more pronounced. I have fallen a couple of times. Unfortunately those couple of times were witnessed my 8 year old granddaughter. It scared her.
I decided it was time to tell what was "wrong" with me. In simple terms that she could understand, I explained why I sometimes fall and can't walk well. I was afraid that my explanation might make her more frightened, but it actually put her more at ease.

After our talk she painted the above picture for me, then we went out into the backyard to fill the birdfeeders.
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3 Jan 2013

Winter Whites

bright vibrant crimson
a treat for the snow-blind eyes
tired of winter whites

photo and text © by Karen
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2 Jan 2013

In Storage

packing up Christmas
silencing the jingle bells
storing season's cheer
photo and text © by Karen
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1 Jan 2013

January 1, 2013

twinkling like starlight
flickering moments in time
fleeting memories
Happy New Year!
photo and text © by Karen
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