10 Aug 2012

Summer Heat

basking in the sun
soaking up warm summer rays
drenched in heady light

photo and text by Karen
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  1. At least someone gets to enjoy the heat.
    Beautiful haiku as always. Thank you.

  2. I see the turtles emerge from the lake behind my house and either sit on the banks or simply poke their nose up from the water. It's a very calming thing to watch. Still, they spend most of their time underwater, and I sometimes wonder if their shell needs constant soaking to be able to withstand the hot Florida sun. I could not stay out as long as they do but of one thing I am certain. My skin would turn into something as hard as their shells if I did. Great haiku.

  3. wellll
    at first i thought
    you were talking about me
    as i am beach*side...

    then i realized you meant
    Sister Slider!

    too funny!

    great photo
    & perfect sentiment!

  4. Very nice. That turtle knows what's coming in another month or so. Seems to be enjoying the heat.


  5. this is what i LOVE about haiku my heart,
    each offering sweeps me away! i feel opened, delighted, nurtured and fulfilled with each unique offering.
    yours is no exception. i can feel the weight of summers heat balanced on this turtles willing shell.

  6. I remember having pet turtles that looked like this...I never thought about putting them in 'heady light' to 'bask in the sun'...lovely words

  7. Painted by God...
    He looks like he is doing yoga. Fantastic.

  8. I remember as a kid sitting on the banks of the Russian River and hearing the plop of turtles cooling off from their long sun baths... love the line drenched in heady light... beautiful!

  9. I love these creatures, so calm and knowing. I have seen some lately basking on rocks in the sun.

  10. The photos is awesome ~ so endearing and the haiku ~ is lovely ~ 'drenched in heady light' ~ creative line (A Creative Harbor)

  11. Ahhh little turtle is enjoying the warmth. Love the look on it's face.

  12. Nice one...I like the turtle basking in the sun ~

  13. These are my favorite turtles. I've raised several. Great closeup.

  14. Go with the flow, no rushing just relaxing and enjoy Mother Earth's nature and wonderful gifts.
    Nice haiku.

  15. Such a cutie! Glad to see otehrs enjoying summer as much as I do!

  16. I wonder how many days of warm summer rays we have left this year? Nicely written and that turtle sure looks content.

  17. great pic, I love turtles!
    sure looks a "happy chappy" hey? *LOL*

  18. I'm late visiting 'the haiku circle' but I thought I'd better take the time a few days later then hurry through everyones post... I love the bright, red spots on the turtle's belly... great haiku!

  19. love the photo - beautiful words too


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